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I just made another battery tray opposite to the stock battery location, on the other fender well. I have my batterys wired in parallel , and have zero problems running my winch/lights/tunes/motor/fans/ect . I do have my winch and fans wired up on the same battery and everything else to the other, but with them wired in parallel , its drawing from both. I run a alternator off a stock Z28 so you know its not a hi amp and it takes care of buisness since I got 2 batterys. I also have it overly grounded , 1 battery grounded to the engine block, the other to the core support and from there to the frame on both sides.

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Well I bought 2 of those Sears DieHard Platinum P2 batteries. Man are they heavy. They are the dry cell type, supposed to be private label Odyssey batteries. Really good warranty. 4 yr total replacement and then another 4 yrs of prorated warranty. $415 out the door. I probably won't have the dual battery set up for this Sat but I am definitely going to throw one in now and see if it makes a difference (my current battery is probably 5-6 yrs old). With my taurus fan on, heater on, and the engine running at idle the voltmeter shows 10 volts. Doesn't that seem awfully low? Heck, the one time I actually had to get a jump on Greentown because the battery had gotten drained down with everything on and there wasn't enough juice to start back up. I hadn't even let the fan running with the engine off. Stock alt only puts out like 65 amps but I mean come on, that Taurus fan isn't drawing that many amps is it? I am thinking the current battery is just wore out and isn't taking/holding a charge as easy.

Also, removed all the wheel weights from the other rims. Never seen a wheel weight cause a tire to come off the bead before but I'll be damned if its going to happen to me again.
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