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Been awhile since I'm been on here.Anyways I have since gotten a 2000 Jeep Cherokee that I Traded my 06 Yamaha Raptor for.         It's the 3rd one I have owned but my favorite one yet.When I bought it the thing was bone stock but it never stayed that way.

Bone Stock(The day I got her)

Got Some bumper lights then changed my mind on then and sold them.

The 2nd thing I bought was a Roof rack so I could carry stuff and mount lights on it.

Then it happened my driveshaft straps broke.So I figured it was time to do the U-bolt mods and I haven't had a issue since.I changed the U-joints while I was at it.

Then it was time for a lift and some bigger tires.cragars soft 8s and a Fat bobs 4in lift with 31 inch bfg tires.

Then I ordered some LED lights for backup lights and mounted the lights on the roof rack.

Then it was time for a front bumper and some more lights so I wouldnt hit anything while driving in the woods and trails.

Then a little better speaker to hear my radio.Since I don't listen to rap I'm going to have to adjust it to not do the boom boom clap.It needs to play a day to remember,five finger death punch,all that remains,Nirvana,korn,disturbed and the likes.I also have a poke audio speakers and my head unit has bluetooth,the phone thing,it's badass IMO

This is wear I'm at right now. I'm thinking a winch,more lights and some slid plates ESP over my pumpkins.

I'm been testing everything at notchin hill and plan on making it to windrock soonBeen

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Was real pretty   now it is real fun!!
CAUTION: following this yellow buggy can get expensive!!
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