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The City of Coalmont, Tn. has applied for RTP grants to try and establish an OHV park in Grundy Co. If this is successful....it will be the very FIRST time this has happened in Tennessee! Contrary to all the rumors that are being passed around....if it does happen...it WILL NOT be a "state"  park.....it will be a CITY park. I will keep ya'll posted as this develops.
There will be public information availble in the coming days about the developments. I ask that you pay no attention to the "rumor mill" that is presently rolling in the area. THERE HAS BEEN NO PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS CONCERNING THIS POTENTIAL OHV PARK MADE AS OF YET.....SOOOOO.....ALL THE RUMORS YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD ARE JUST THAT....RUMORS. Stay tuned.
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