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I've started a new project this weekend, Last weekend I bought a 84 dodge 4x4, has a great drive drive train, body is rusted out, frame rusted in to on drivers side, 318 auto 208, the new eldy intake and carb is worth the 400 I gave for the truck, the engine has been rebuilt sounds and run great, like new.
I also have a 83 2500 dodge 2 wheel drive, the body is in pretty good shape but engine and tranny is worn out, so with all that being said I making a 4 wheel drive out of the 83,
yesterday and today I removed the complete drivetrain minus the rear axle, man I hate them hot rivets they used back then, im keeping the 60 rear for a rig thats under way,  Im not building this as a trail rig, just a tow rig, trash truck, winter driver, Im thinking the only thing ill need that I dont have will be a rear drive shaft, the 4x4 was a shortbes and 2wd is a long bed, so ill have to make one no biggy,

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Sounds like you came across a sweet deal bud.
Take some pics and post them in the build section.

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